3 Reasons Music is Your Perfect Companion

by Carine Naim

Each expecting mother experiences pregnancy differently, but for most women, it’s very tiresome. The idea of gaining weight, feeling cramps and fatigue, throwing up after eating what used to be your favorite food, and spending most of the time in the bathroom is simply a nightmare! To adapt to these fast changes, you might want to introduce a magic component, music. Science shows that music benefits you and your baby in many ways. Here are three of these powerful effects:


1. Relieves your Stress

According to a research published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, music boosts your mood. During stressful pregnancies, the hormonal system is disrupted and the stress hormone, cortisol, is released which in turn damages brain cells. Music does exactly the opposite. When listening to music cortisol level drops and consequently music alleviates symptoms of stress. Music is the remedy for anxiety and the balm for your soul. It’s very easy;  just try to listen to a soothing melody 30 min a day and you will definitely feel the difference.


2. Improves Baby’s Health

How about your baby’s health? Does music magically make your baby smarter as many people claim? Research published in the International Journal of Pediatric scientifically proves that music improves the baby’s nervous system; it enhances the baby’s ability to react to sounds and eye visuals and to coordinate body movements. In other words, music positively influences your baby’s nervous system and even promotes brain growth and development.


3. Bonds You With Your Baby

Believe it or not, your relationship with your child starts building up even before giving birth! Once you reach your 16th week of pregnancy, your baby will start to listen and react to sounds. As shown in Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health, music waves flowing in the blood reach the baby through the placenta and hence change the rhythmic atmosphere of the uterus. For example, if you listen to fast music, your unborn child responds by accelerating its heart rate. The baby can respond by moving inside your uterus too. You can feel these responses, and your baby will also feel the emotional content of the song. Eventually, this interaction builds a unique bond between you and your precious one.  

Make it Your Habit

Music is magical: it reduces stress levels, enhances your baby’s growth, and bonds you with your child,  but it won’t ultimately turn your baby into a Mozart.

Keep in mind when picking your music playlist to choose a soft melody, and avoid LOUD, abrupt, or noisy sounds.

Enjoy pregnancy in your own musical taste. Here are some suggestions for music pieces you might enjoy:

  1. Classical Chopin – Nocturne op.9 No.2
  2. Crystal Chinese music- fireworks in March
  3. Celtic music

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