Yessss! Breastfeeding IS worth it. At Find A Nurse, we support you breastfeeding moms and here is why you should, too!

Here are a few of the perks of breastfeeding:

It Provides a Self-fulfilling Nutrient

The milk received from breastfeeding is a custom-made supply. The breast-milk chemical composition naturally changes depending on the developmental stage your baby is in and what the stage requires. Furthermore, consuming breastfed milk is fully enriched with the necessary nutrients. You mothers should not have to decide between apples or oranges; it’s milk.

It Induces the Immunity of the Baby

Breast milk is your baby’s natural resource for superbaby powers; it provides great shield for viruses and bacteria. For example, it helps prevent gastrointestinal infections. 


It Might Help Induce your Baby’s IQ 

Some studies have shown the breastfed milk induces your baby’s IQ. However, since the sample size taken was relatively small, the difference was statistically negligible. It would not hurt to try though!

(Disclaimer: we do not promise that the baby would become Einstein overnight).


It Cultivates a Healthy Mother-Baby Bond

More quality time builds the foundation of an intimate relationship between you and your baby. 

It’s Free 😛

Save that extra cash you were planning to spend on formula milk; breast milk is more potent anyway.

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