6 Reasons Why Mums Are Hiring External Help

by Nov 8, 2019

Historically, child-rearing seemed like an easier task since it was a shared responsibility among women from the same community. Then came a time where communities grew larger and apart, and women were expected to raise their families alone. 

Nowadays mothers are getting more comfortable admitting that they need help after delivery. Whereas new mothers were previously expected to juggle it all on their own, it has recently become more acceptable for women to ask for that extra support. After all, if you’re not in a position to care for yourself, how are you going to be able to take care of anyone else?!

Hence, hiring some form of help becomes necessary at times. Here are 6 reasons why you might consider hiring external help:

1. Filling a gap in support:

Hiring a caregiver can be very helpful when you live away from family, if your partner travels frequently, or if your parents can’t provide the full support due to their busy lives and/or age…etc.

2. Addressing a particular concern:

Health conditions affecting either the baby (prematurity, jaundice, reflux…etc) or the mother ( post C-section recovery, postpartum depression…etc), having twins or triplets…etc.

3. First time mummies:

No matter how much joy a new baby brings, the first few weeks at home can be stressful, hectic and even straining for a new mom’s mental and physical health if she doesn’t have the right support. A caregiver can answer all of your maternity/newborn care questions, and help you get some rest while knowing that your baby is being cared for by a trusted professional. Moreover, she can be a trusted source to talk with about how you are feeling.

4. Mummies with several kids:

Having an extra pair of hands can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed when tending to more than one kid and ensure that you are properly present for all of them.

5. Getting better sleep for you AND your baby:

Sleep deprivation can worsen baby blues, which can affect up to 80% of new moms within the first two weeks following giving birth. Hence, having an overnight caregiver can help you get a good night’s sleep and ease you transition into this new role. She can also help establish an effective bedtime routine and optimize your infant’s sleep environment. 

6. Returning to work:

An overnight caregiver can play an integral role in your back-to-work transition. She’ll help you feel rested and ready to be productive during the day. In addition, a day caregiver can ensure your baby’s needs are met within his/her usual environment and minimise the risk of infections due to exposure in shared settings.

No matter why you are choosing to hire external help, it’s advisable to keep in mind that recruiting a caregiver is a delicate process since you are getting a stranger into your house to take care of your baby. Check our next blog post “A Maternity Nurse or A Nanny?” to learn more about the roles of nurses and nannies and the difference between hiring either options. 

Stay tuned to the full series of blog posts that will guide you through this process and give you some insights on how to navigate it like a pro.  

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