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Breastfeeding – Why Bother?

Yessss! Breastfeeding IS worth it. At Find A Nurse, we support breastfeeding moms and here is why you should, too! Here are a few of the perks of breastfeeding: It Provides a Self-fulfilling Nutrient The milk received from breastfeeding is a custom-made supply. The...

Think Twice Before Applying These Traditional Health Advice to Your Baby

women should be aware of adopting any traditional advice for their baby because many can be harmful. This article explores the potential effects of using olive oil, swaddling babies and applying bat blood for hair removal, all of which are controversial techniques and have many limitations.

3 Reasons Music is Your Perfect Companion

Music is a perfect companion in pregnancy. Why? Because it is magical: it reduces stress levels, enhances your baby’s growth, and bonds you with your child.

5 Benefits of Companionship for Older Adults

        As people age, they start to lose physical strength and mobility, making it difficult and dangerous for them to live alone. They become prone to several risks such as physical injuries, developing feelings of loneliness as a result of social isolation, and are...

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