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Your Baby Has a Surprise for You, It’s Poop!

Diapering can be turned from a crappy situation into a cute fun addiction if you spend it talking, laughing and tickiling your baby!Before you begin, gather a few supplies: a diaper. a bowl of warm water and cotton balls. washcloth or diaper wipes. diaper cream (to...

Teething, Symptoms and Pain Soothing

Teething? WE LOVE THAT, a baby having two little side-to-side teeth is SUPER ULTRA CUTE!! But for the baby, it’s a bit painful ☹ Signs That Your Little Squishy Is Teething: Drooling Swollen and sensitive gum Part of the tooth visible below the gum Irritability...

Avoid TVs for babies younger than two years!

Are you a mom for a baby younger than two years? Do you use screens (TV, iPad, DVDs, etc.) as a tool to build your baby's intelligence, develop his language, or help him fall asleep? You are encouraged to read this blog! The research of the American Academy of...

Breastfeeding – Why Bother?

Yessss! Breastfeeding IS worth it. At Find A Nurse, we support you breastfeeding moms and here is why you should, too! Here are a few of the perks of breastfeeding: It Provides a Self-fulfilling Nutrient The milk received from breastfeeding is a custom-made supply....

Think Twice Before Applying These Traditional Health Advice to Your Baby

women should be aware of adopting any traditional advice for their baby because many can be harmful. This article explores the potential effects of using olive oil, swaddling babies and applying bat blood for hair removal, all of which are controversial techniques and have many limitations.

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