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Why do Babies Grab Fingers?

Have you ever wondered why your baby grips your finger every time you place it in their hand? Few can think of a warmer and more calming feeling, but why do babies do this?      Well, all babies instinctively grip whatever slim object in their hands because they...

5 Benefits of Companionship for Older Adults

        As people age, they start to lose physical strength and mobility, making it difficult and dangerous for them to live alone. They become prone to several risks such as physical injuries, developing feelings of loneliness as a result of social isolation, and are...

Taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient

Do you have a loved one who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease? You must be wondering about ways to help them cope with the disease while trying to keep them healthy. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind when caring for an Alzheimer's...

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