Have you ever wondered why your baby grips your finger every time you place it in their hand? Few can think of a warmer and more calming feeling, but why do babies do this?      Well, all babies instinctively grip whatever slim object in their hands because they mistake it for their mother’s fingers. This grip is not easy to remove either. Once the baby grips the finger, he will not let go, even as the mother lifts him up. Of course, the baby’s strength fades pretty quickly, but the time he can maintain the grip enough to be lifted and seated upright. Most wild animals’ infants have a very similar instinct in the wild. Baby elephants grab their mothers’ tails with their trunks. Baby monkeys latch onto their mothers as they walk. This is yet another way the inseparable connection between mother and baby can manifest. So next time your baby clutches your fingers, don’t be afraid to give them a little pull.

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