Are you a mom for a baby younger than two years? Do you use screens (TV, iPad, DVDs, etc.) as a tool to build your baby’s intelligence, develop his language, or help him fall asleep? You are encouraged to read this blog!

The research of the American Academy of Pediatrics Concluded:

As a sum up, TVs are not suitable for babies younger than two years! The time wasted by an infant on screens can be exploited in many beneficial and joyful ways, keep reading to know more!

Tips you can use:

  • If you want a baby Einstein, you can involve your baby in mental engaging games as Splash in the Bath, “guess what I have” etc.
  • If you want to teach your baby a language and develop his vocabulary, speak to him directly about what you are doing through your day and make some time to read him stories.
  • If your squishy is resisting sleep, pat him on his head and sing him baby songs in a sleep-suitable atmosphere.

Of course, you can’t spend 24 hours a day reading for your angel and playing with him, which in turn offers him a chance to think creatively to entertain himself. (This might include messing with your furniture!)

 ~ Safaa Bou Hadeer

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