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You must provide habitable housing and common areas for the entire tenancy in accordance with the minimum standards of the State Health Code, which is designed to protect the health, safety and well-being of your tenants and the public. In both cases, the buyers purchased these homes with the intention of using the “in-laws apartments” accordingly. Both paid a premium for the in-laws, which had to be dismantled. Just because a seller or listing agent calls it a Suite In Law doesn`t mean it makes one. Do your research. If you rent, you should know if you can get a second entry (variance?) as this will make most of the problems go away. If the apartment doesn`t have one, you really can`t rent it legally and you`ll always be wrong if something goes wrong. MGL v. 175 ยง 99 Clause 15th A An insurance policy for an apartment building must provide coverage up to $750 for each unit to cover the relocation costs of a tenant who has to move due to fire. Regardless of the type of rental, the tenant has the right to occupy the apartment and the owner can only enter in certain circumstances. The landlord must agree with the tenant in advance to enter the apartment to make repairs, check the condition of the apartment or show the apartment to potential tenants, buyers or real estate agents. However, the landlord may enter an apartment without the tenant`s consent if there is a mechanical emergency/repair that may damage the entire building, or if it appears that the tenant has left the apartment. South Boston Elderly Residences, Inc.c.

Moynahan, 91 Mass. App. Ct. 455 (2017) In a habitability insurance case, the Court of Appeal applied the tort principle that “the defendant must take his plaintiff as he finds it” and concluded that in the event of a material breach of the habitability guarantee, a tenant`s particular sensitivity to a condition of the dwelling is taken into account in determining the “devalued value to him” of the premises because of their poor condition. can be. The Court of Appeal also held that a lease that grants a landlord the right to access an apartment for inspection and repair purposes does not create a general power for the landlord to enter into a finding at any time without the tenant`s permission in derogation from a tenant`s legal retirement rights. While not required by law or regulation, it is important for a landlord and tenant to know that they can negotiate the terms of a lease between them. In general, the landlord should not rush a tenant to make a decision, and both parties should be clear about the terms before signing the lease. Any changes must be written in the pen of the lease. All items that the landlord and tenant want to change must be struck out in the lease. Whether it is a lease or an all-you-can-eat rental, the tenant must pay rent, follow the rules agreed with the landlord and take responsibility for damage to the apartment that is more than “normal wear and tear”.

The landlord must provide a safe, clean, massachusetts health code-compliant apartment, and must honor all promises in the lease or lease. The final consideration is that your insurance coverage could be at risk if a tenant makes a claim or the house is damaged due to an inappropriate addition of a brother-in-law`s apartment. If there were no illegal in-laws, many people in the Boston area would be even more distressed, but that still leaves you in a precarious position when there`s a problem. Homeowners will have an easier time getting along on a daily basis, just like those who have something that is safe in all other aspects, e.B ceiling height, stairs, etc. While the pool of home buyers specifically looking for homes with in-laws apartments is small, if done right, your home will definitely attract interest. There are buyers who only consider homes that have an accessory unit. Most often, these mistakes occur in the apartments of in-laws in the basement. You can`t just throw it in a room, break a bathroom and kitchen and call it a stepfather. For the past four years, I have been the listing agent for two sellers who bought their homes directly from a listing agent.

The seller marketed his house as a step-parent`s apartment. In this part of the website, we discuss Massachusetts` current tenant laws and regulations as they exist today. (For legislative proposals, see our Housing Policy page.) This is a guide for DIY owners. Remember to read the laws carefully to avoid litigation, fines, and violations. Infestation: Landlords must keep common areas and apartments free of rodents, insects and other infestations if there are two or more apartments in the building. As life becomes more and more popular over several generations, family suites are a great way to have multiple family members under one roof. Whether it`s parents, in-laws, siblings, etc. They offer some advantages and are certainly gaining popularity. Landlords and tenants should consider their rights and obligations when drafting or signing a lease, as well as laws, regulations and issues related to renting and renting an apartment. If you buy a house with the intention of using part of the room as a father-in-law`s apartment, you are doing your duty of care.

Hiring a buyer agent in Massachusetts when it`s time to do your due diligence is invaluable. The landlord must give the tenant a “condition statement” within 10 days of the start of the tenancy or after receipt of the deposit (whichever is later) describing the condition of the apartment and any damage that exists at that time. The tenant has 15 days to complete the “condition statement” or to make changes to it. Both parties must retain copies of the final “condition statement”. Before renting an apartment, you should review it completely after the current tenant has left or is nearing the end of the current tenant`s occupation to assess the damage to make sure it is in good condition if you try to re-rent the apartment, and for the tenant entering once it has been rented. You are required, in certain circumstances, to have the local health authority check that the apartment complies with the hygiene rules and safety standards of the State before re-renting it. Worcester v. College Hill Properties, LLC, 465 Mass. 134 (2013) Shelters. An apartment rented to 4 students is not a shelter.

A third wrinkle in law enforcement/funding, etc. is often the presence of a furnace. Can not have an oven in an illegal apartment. The funny thing is that it`s not a code-based test, but it seems pretty standard among inspectors. People are known to pull ovens from the secondary kitchen before evaluation or inspection. Even though there are certain security flaws that result in serious injury or death, you are on top of a barrel if a lawsuit is to be pursued. Get the inspector`s approval once all violations have been resolved. This approval also acts as an injury-free baseline if the tenant has to pretend that there are problems with the apartment after occupancy.

105 CMR 410 400 Minimum area per person Is your apartment large enough? Very detailed requirements for space per person. .

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